Designing and building world-class solar vehicles is no easy feat. It requires a combination of creativity, engineering prowess, communication, and public support. We are almost entirely comprised of undergraduate students and take pride in spreading our vision of renewable energy to students across all faculties. Midnight Sun has grown to become the largest student-run team at the University of Waterloo. The Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team is made up of three sub-teams: Electrical, Mechanical, and Business. Each of them, led by their own managers, is responsible for various aspects of the car. Working together, our exceptional teamwork creates the success that is the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team.

Gordon Savage - Faculty Advisor

prof savage

For the past 20 years, Professor Savage has been the team’s dedicated faculty advisor. As a professor for Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Professor Savage’s continual passion for the Midnight Sun Team and ambition for environmental sustainability has been inspiring the team for many generations.

Sub Teams

business team picture


Marketing and funding a solar car is no easy task. The Business Team takes on this challenge. Within business are three smaller teams: marketing, sponsorship and logistics. Midnight Sun is almost entirely supported by sponsorship opportunities and our business team focuses on maintaining current relationships while forging new ones. For MSXII business will build the MSXII brand, budget and fund the project and plan for the upcoming races.

electrical team picture


Solar cars must be energy efficient to maximize range during competition. The Electrical Team is tasked with this challenge. Electrical is responsible for all design, testing and manufacturing of the entire electrical system. Within the electrical team are two smaller teams: firmware and hardware. Major sub projects of the electrical team include the battery protection system and power distribution. For MSXII electrical is designing a new electrical system which focuses on simplicity and reliability.

mechanical team picture


To construct a successful solar car, a fine balance between weight, aerodynamics, size, and surface area is required. The Mechanical Team takes on that responsibility. Within the Mechanical Team are smaller sub system teams such as: brakes, dynamics or chassis. These system teams focus on the fine details of each sub system. For MSXII mechanical is working on a steel chassis, removeable body panels and configurable driver compartment all while maintaining a sports coupe design.

Team leads

The team leads are our store of technical knowledge and administrative expertise. Team leads have all started out as dedicated team members and put in effort and show initiative to gain their roles. Each of them has a specific expertise and has a team of students under them who they manage to increase our productivity and to help design, build and race our vehicles.